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Security Services

Protect your peace of mind with our home security services. Your home should be the place where you feel most safe and comfortable. You shouldn’t have to worry about break-ins or anything else that could threaten your home’s security. Instead of relying on your home’s locks and sturdy doors for defense– let Peace of Mind Security & Electric show you how to secure your home. 

It’s entirely possible to live happily and peacefully in your home, knowing that you and your family are protected. 

Peace of Mind Security & Electric is based in Elkhart, Texas and supports the greater region of East Texas. We’re grateful to have been providing our customers with high quality security solutions since 2016.

Alarm Systems

According to the Home Security Monitoring Center, the F.B.I. claims that burglaries are nearly 3 times as likely to target homes without an alarm system. And what’s even more concerning is that burglars usually only spend about two minutes to break into a home. That means that most burglaries happen fast– and you want your home to have the defenses to protect your loved ones and valuables.

Peace of mind offers several options for alarm systems, and our trained professionals are happy to install them for you. We can also help with maintenance and repair, if needed. If you don’t consider anything else for home security, we encourage you to at least consider shielding your home with an alarm system.

Not only will we install the security system, but we also offer motion sensors. That means if any suspicious movement is detected, the alarm system will trigger. You’ll be alerted if the system detects any unusual motions around your doors and windows.

Additionally, our alarm systems can be programmed. Ask one of our technicians about how to set up automations to enjoy even more security and convenience. 


Peace of Mind Security & Electric proudly supplies premium security cameras.

We can deliver them to you and even help you install them. A few popular places to attach your home security cameras include:

Our top quality security cameras will alert you if they detect suspicious activity. You’ll even be able to monitor the video right from your phone.

Smoke Detectors

Peace of Mind is dedicated to your safety and comfort– we want you to feel protected from any possible threat. We don’t just focus on preventing break-ins, but we also want to protect you from internal threats. That’s why we offer smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation. 

We can provide your home with these detectors to ensure that your home is properly protected against fire or harmful toxins. Enjoy the peace that comes with having all of your home security bases covered.

Our Services Offer Peace of Mind

Like our name says, our mission is to give you peace of mind. And that’s exactly what our solid home systems will do. No matter the type of security challenge you’re facing– Peace of Mind Security & Electric will be here to help.Our family-owned business operates to serve our neighbors in East Texas. It’s a joy to uplift our community and provide our customers with premium services.Here’s a quick look at the services we provide for both residential and commercial.

Electrical Services

Peace of Mind is your one-stop-shop for all of your electrical needs. If you need new electric installation, maintenance, or even repair– our team has the talent and expertise to execute. Our work isn’t complete until our client is happy, and we’ll do whatever it takes to repair your property’s electric systems. Our technicians provide expert electrical installation, rewiring, surge protection, outlet repair, lighting fixture repair, for both residential and commercial properties.

Security System Services

Like our name states, we want to provide peace of mind for you as our customer. Our team is happy to install and manage home security systems, cameras, and gates for both homes and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best serve you and your property.

Serving Elkhart and East Texas

We’re located in Elkhart, Texas and are grateful to serve our community in East Texas. Peace of Mind Security & Electric provides holistic security and electrical solutions for all of our customers. We install, repair, and manage systems for both residential and commercial properties.

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Ready to learn more about our security services? Our team would love to support you! Just give us a call and one of our technicians will be happy to help. We’ll work with you to determine the best electrical or security solution for your property. 

We look forward to serving you, contact us today!

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